When can we expect an update/patch ?

  • When can we expect an update for the game ? like new maps or weapons ?
    Can you devs give us a date so we know whats going on and when ?


  • That doesn’t really answer anything…
    I’ve been waiting for a patch that fixes all the broken parts of the game, I don’t care if they add anything new. Too many features that feel like they are stuck in beta phase, like the broken/crazyOP javelins, catapult desync and animation bugs, general animation bugs/exploits, server/steam issues, netcode. If even those get addressed ASAP it would be an amazing patch.

  • I’m sure they want the first patch to be that amazing one we’re all waiting for that fixes a crapton of bugs as well as adding a lot of new content, though I wish they’d just go ahead and do a bug fix patch then add the new content so we don’t have to deal with the issues as long. I don’t mind waiting longer for more content if it means we can get some fixes sooner.

  • Actually the biggest ones are that playing against people with 150 ping who spam is impossible and the fact that server or steam connection loss = huge stat rollback, I’d be happy if they do just that.

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