Problems with "ghost" server slots

  • I noticed some people have problems when joining my servers and sometimes they timeout, the problem is that eventhough they don’t join the server it still counts as a filled slot in the browser list, so today I had one of my servers showing as full (16/16) when in reality there were 0 people playing.

    How do I fix this?

  • Alot of servers have this problem if not all. Game looks like its so popular but 90% of the slots are ghosts. ATM I tried to join like 5 servers which showed with 90% full and not a single soul in them.

  • My server has this problem. Right now a server stop and a server start seem to fix this. Restart does not help for me.

  • It’s a noted issue and we’re looking into it.

  • Yea I didnt realize this issue till I saw players were on my server for 36+ hours and counting. I was like, that is just insane, no one could play that long. Then I go on what I thought was a full server,to find nothing but crickets chirping all around me. :?

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