I can't connect to a server!

  • Okay, so I bought Chivalry off of steam last week. Ans I still have no idea how to join a server, I’m sorry if I seem like a noob. When I click join game all that pops up is an empty server list. I tried refreshing, that didn’t work. I tried putting a servers name into the server name bar, still nothing. I can’t get a single server to pop up, and fighting bots is getting boring. Any ideas or help would be appreciated. :)

  • I have the same issue since today(or yesterday).
    Can’t even join a game a friend is playing now :/
    It’s just impossible to play online like that-.-

    It was working since release, but now it doesn’t anymore. Not with the Masterserver2.vdf and not without it.

  • DynamicRage, viewtopic.php?f=69&t=3136

    coolmodi, Try restarting Steam.

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