Thrusting dagger overhead needs to do more damage and pierce

  • The thrusting dagger is the third unlock for the dagger tree, and it does substantial thrusting damage at the expense of slash damage. The slashes do very insignificant damage and the problem is so does the overhead. This would make sense with one handed swords as it performs an overhead slash, but with daggers the animation is a reverse hand overhead thrusting attack, stabbing down towards the neck of an opponent. This seems like an oversight to me and the thrusting dagger should do the close to the same damage as the thrust with piercing damage also rather than cutting.

    I know it sounds like nitpicking but its small oversights like this on weapon stats that frustrate me and the thrusting dagger is my favourite weapon in the game.

  • Dagger overheads are considered slash type attacks because before dagger animations were implemented it used one-handed animations instead of the fancy backhand thrust. I do hope that they change that though.

    So I guess the damage values were created at that time.

  • I agree, but then the hunting knife will need to have its animations changed - otherwise it’ll be stuck using only slash as it’ll have two useless piercing attacks.

  • You could give the hunting knife the 1h sharp overhead (or all of the old animations for that matter), that’s literally a single line to change and heck, it doesn’t even need a patch or a download for anyone to use it on a server with that line change in place.

    As for the new dagger animations, clearly a bit of an oversight with leaving the new overheads as swing damage types, oops. The daggers need a damage, timings and damage type overhaul to match the new anims.

  • Glad you all agree, lets hope the devs see this and start fixing weapon stats.

  • This especially needs to be fixed since its the only real way you have a chance to get over a shield with dagger, and its literally useless to use the overhead on an armored foe as you’ll do almost no damage. Might as well punch them.

  • Oh and besides, when you equip your dagger with a buckler (javelineer loadout), it still uses the one-handed animations.
    wat do?

  • @Bushido:

    Oh and besides, when you equip your dagger with a buckler (javelineer loadout), it still uses the one-handed animations.
    wat do?

    Hmmm, not sure how they would code it but i am sure they could find a solution, and it would make daggers far more enjoyable.

  • More damage I agree.

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