Cant stand it no more

  • Im a knight, and a archer comes over with his sword slashing an dkills me in 4 hits while i cant even block it. Then someone tks me and kicks me. Then an arrow sets me on fire and kilsl me. I get killed by another knight with 1 hit wit the hammer. TAKE THE VOTE KICK OUT NOW. Im playing and someone puts up a vote to kick me for no reason whatsoever. Everyone always VOTES YES
    Took you this long to make this game. Well fix it and make it a tiny bit good.

  • It’s a fantastic game, you’re just not playing well.

    The knight is the slowest class, and if you get hit your attack gets canceled. So quick classes like the archer and MAA try to overwhelm you with fast strikes to kill you.

    I don’t know why you’re complaining. the man at arms is a 1-2 hit kill from pretty much everything, while the knight is the toughest class.

    Just play some more and learn how to play

  • Judging for your manic style of typing I can only assume you flip your shit when something bad happens.

    Archers can be blocked, getting teamkilled sucks but isn’t something they can remove, players don’t get fire arrows, you can’t get oneshot by the hammer, etc

    Calm down & L2P

  • Backpeddle and swing. If he blocks feint or make your swing slow. L2P NUB HAR HAR :D

  • Most of what you wrote is objectively incorrect and being kicked for no reason is probably subjectively incorrect as well judging by your attitude.

  • @GoodTalent:

    I’m not very good at the this game and get angry very easily. Can you please make changes so it is easy for me to play

    You need to stay clam and learn how to play the game. Not every game is meant to be easy.

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