I want to learn to make Ded. Servers, but how?

  • Hi. Firstly, i’ve red the .pdf guide about how to do it.
    I installed the dedicated server via steam, and when i open it a black command window appears.
    In the guide it says that i have to write something like MAP_NAE?steamsockets and something more.
    but i write that on the shortcut path and it gives an error and i can’t save it.
    I couldn’t find a proper tutorial on how to do and configure a server.
    I don’t even know which the settings and server config files are, like the files to set up things like maximum players, maps to play, the map rotation, the game mode, the server name, password kicks, bans, etc.
    I mostly want to know how to make dedicated servers to play with friends, because making it from the game doesnt give much options.
    Anyone knows about any good video tutorial, or a written guide that is better than the .pdf?
    Thanks in advance.

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