Unlocks and Server Numbers

  • It’s a shame i’ve had to register here to get support with some pretty annoying problems, when the actual gameplay is solid and I really enjoy it.

    Every time I exit the game and come back later, the last weapon I was using (if it unlocked in that session) will have rolled back. Sometimes to the complete number required, or just a few kills that I have to do twice.

    Today I was using Tier 1 Spear and got about 18 kills with it, leaving 7 required to unlock Tier 2. I log in later and have to get a full 25 kills again. Tried re-logging and verifying game cache, same story.

    Another thing, the servers consistently show the wrong numbers for me. I will find a server like 23/24, in actual facts there’s only about 7 guys on there. I literally just joined one that reported to be 24/24, but was in actual fact empty. It can’t be 24 invisible spectators…

    Anybody else experiencing this?

  • If you exit the game without waiting for the game to end your unlocks will not be saved.

  • Why is this exactly? Say after a new game you’ve unlocked a weapon, but are on a tight schedule and have to leave before the game ends. Why exactly was this implemented?

  • me and 5 of my friends have the same problem with the server numbers. they are completley wrong. plz fix this. thats the most annoying thing in this game

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