Auto-Balance Injustice

  • Yes, I’ve noticed that most or all of the servers now have picked up this new auto-balance plugin. I find it to be good in the way that it does balance the teams but when more people join the server it gets very annoying and somewhat irritating also. For example I played agatha an entire map and with 10 seconds left to go I was switched to the other team only to lose… How could this be rewarding if you are constantly switched to the other team? I find it very confusing and can cause people to “Teamkill” because they aren’t aware of being switched. I know it gives you a message stating “Auto-balance in progress” or something but most cant read. I wish that it wouldn’t switch me 3 or 4 times a map when I’ve worked hard on attack/defense.

  • It’s noted and will be improved.

  • I know it was said that it would be turned back off next patch, but can you bump it up and turn it off with a hot fix sooner? It’s really disheartening and killing my desire to play.

  • +1

    I hate this fking auto-balance!!!

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