Slower running speeds!

  • @TehJumpingJawa:


    For whatever reason all actions by me are slow now. Running, sprinting, swinging, pulling bow back. Anything you can think of is slower than normal.

    In a test I did in running and sprinting - the two others that were helping me both ran and sprinted faster than me as an MAA. Even when I was given a head start I was caught up to and then passed. Their same weapons outswung me everytime. Blocking was much slower as well.

    I’ve restarted the game and uninstalled and reinstalled twice now with no solution.

    I cannot play the game like this. I lose almost every fight Im in now. Dunno what happened.

    Can you video/fraps this phenomenon?

    Tell me how and I will certainly try.

  • The speed in the training mode is normal but I go online and it’s slow again.

  • Just did another test with other players and again they all outran me. Again I had a head start of over 50 ft and they were able to close the gap and pass me up. Yes I’m holding sprint too. AS I made in another post all my actions are slower. Attacking is even slowed too.

  • Fraps to do the recording. (depending on your pc spec & hdd speed, you might need to play in a lower resolution than normal)

    Any Video Converter to encode the video down to a reasonable size.

    Then upload it to youtube.

  • I got it working! Dunno how THIS managed to do it but it worked. I uninstalled, restarted my PC, reinstalled, played with no issues. It’s day and night difference in terms of gameplay. Whatever happened I hope to God happens to nobody else!

  • That is an odd issue indeed. Glad it resolved itself, but puzzling none the less.

  • oh man i finally found someone who experienced this. Indeed my game runs slow as hell and my PC specs are by no wai the problem here…ive only seen the game on youtube in regular speed and gotta say this is unbearable :(

    if i rly have to ill get a fraps for u guys, but id much rather ask the thread starter if he can think of anything that changed it? i would bet my money on the nvidia driver or the MS net framework 4.0 that steam downloaded after installation…my GPU is a radeon 8600 series btw.

    god u cannot imagine how painfully frustrating the past hour was trying to figure out how to run as fast as everybody lol…

  • Ok here we go…same thing happened (LUCKILY :D)

    I only backed up my files in steam and did not even re-install the game…restart the computer i did last night, but it did not change a thing…guess the PC just needed a good nights sleep because now everything is running on high specs and im owning :)

    REALLY weird problem though…im sry i do not have video footage of it…fraps kinda only takes 30 sec vids in the trial version. but it was like described…everyone moves at regular speed etc whilst u do the turtle and move at maybe 50% of everybody else

  • I am having the exact same issue. I would say no matter the situation every action i do is at about 30% speed. Makes the game completely unplayable.

  • fraps it.

  • I’m having this exact same problem on my mates computer. I play the game at my house so I know what the speeds should be like. I hopped onto his game - of which he’s played 50+ hours already - and noticed how slow it was. I don’t know if he’s been playing it like this the whole time, which would be insane, but I can’t ask him at the moment.

    Not sure what to do. Heaps frustrating.

  • Can you grab a Launch.log of it? It’s like a reverse speed hack…

  • How do I do that mate?

  • @InspectahCax:

    How do I do that mate?

    On the afflicted computer, make sure that’s he’s played a good bit, then navigate to Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Logs. The Launch.log will be in there. Just attach it here when you can.

  • Doing it right now mate. He’s spent over 50 hours playing. I find it hard to believe that he has spent the entire time playing this slow. It’s very, very slow. Must’ve just happened, or something. Either way, give me a minute, I’ll attach the file.

  • ^ There we go.

  • @InspectahCax:

    ^ There we go.

    Thanks! I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary in it though. Can you grab a DxDiag.txt from his computer? Let’s see the hardware and drivers.

    To get the DxDiag.txt, click the start menu and search for dxdiag. The dxdiag app should show up in the search results. Once it’s open, click the Save All Information button. This will generate the DxDiag.txt. Then just attach it here!

  • Here ya go.

  • @InspectahCax:

    Here ya go.

    Thanks! It looks fine… I’ll try to direct a dev here to see if they can help.

  • Can you try to verify your game cache?

    If that doesn’t work, delete My Document\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\

    If that doesn’t work try to do a re-install.

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