New Class Not Possible?

  • Just to ask (Hopefully I can get a dev or some other magic word on this). But, I’ve seen a lot of new class suggestions. Personally, the game doesn’t seem to be designed for any new class additions as there is already a strong emphasis on the current four. Is there even the slightest possibility of new classes getting added?

    Let me know what you think.

  • I haven’t heard any dev opinions on this and don’t have any magic words, but I think TBS responds very well to community feedback in general, and if enough players support a particular idea for a new class it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see said class in the game eventually as long as it makes sense and the devs think it’s an awesome idea as well.

    Still, it’s always possible a new class is just totally out of the question like cavalry. It is pretty hard to think of a class that would fit in the dynamic of the game and still be unique from the current classes. I feel like the only facet of combat missing is a dedicated skirmisher class, but even then we have the shortbow and javelins.

  • What about a class that brings people together and provides buffs. Such as a General/Flag Carrier, where they are limited to 1 handed weapons since they’ll be carrying a flag in the other hand. And the buffs they provide are, health regen and stamina regen (10-15ft radius). So when push comes to shove on team objective maps, this can be a vital role. Maybe limit 2 per team. Maybe have selectable flags that do a single buff.

    Slygoat, link you skirmisher thread.

    We need a dual wielder, shortswords/maces and the like.

  • I’ve never made a skirmisher thread. I’m just pointing out the one niche I think could be filled in terms of combat. On the support side of things… well, it’d be extremely niche, but I think something could work there.

    However, the idea of any kind of passive buffing class just doesn’t sit right with me. I’m just not a big fan of any kind of - to quote a well known designer - “Power without gameplay” such as stand near the guy with the flag and fight harder.

  • Cool!

    Imma go make a class suggestion thread then (as soon as I come up with a decent idea). I really think 4 isn’t enough. 4 just seems to be a magic number in gaming and I think Chiv could do to be different.

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