• Hello there!

    I used to spend countless of hours on Age of Chivalry, and now Chivalry has unavoidably caught my attention.

    My suggestion goes like this, I’ll try to keep it short:

    Players don’t always outright die, if they aren’t decapitated or dismembered, or receive too much “overdamage”, they are left in a state of bleeding out in an unexplainable torment.

    The dying player’s teammates can perfom a mercy kill on their teammate, making him respawn faster.

    However, if an enemy executes the suffering player, the dying player’s respawn time is extended.

    This makes the feature not only look pretty fucking cool, but also have strategical value.

    This fits the gory and dark setting of Chivalry, think of it like this.

    Team battle occurs, Agathian and Mason forces collide.

    Masons crush their enemies in a violent whirlwind of steel and blood, and after the battle finally ceases, they go and finish off their mercy crying foes with gruesome fatalities, accompanied with sadistic laughing of the frenzied Masons.

    Other notes:

    If you ever include a “medic” class, that class could obviously rescue the ill-fated warriors.

    If no one comes to finish you off, you simply die after a while and your respawn time is not affected.

    Only thing you can do while under the effect of dying slowly, is slow crawl and moaning for mercy and help.

    If you were a crossbowman and had your crossbow loaded, you can fire the single loaded bolt but are incapable of loading another bolt.

    The executions made by your enemies should not be simple slashes, but instead unique animations with horrifying details and effects, the “mercy kills” should be fast and relatively painless.

    If the execution/euthanasia kills do get unique animations, this makes performing them take a while, effectively disabling the mid-teambattle executions.

    I guess that’s all.

    What do you think? :)

  • I certainly like the idea, although the title did originally leave me to believe you were some human rights activist come to spam on us all.

    Also the idea on increasing/decreasing spawn times shows that you’ve clearly put some good thought into the idea. That and anything with flashy insta-kill animations I would vote for :D . Also the medic would seem probably more feasable as an unlockable upgrade that replaces a weapon (perhaps like Slygoat’s secondary utility item?) rather than something for a class to revolve around, medi-kits or prayer-like healing are a big no no imo. Also the revive thing (or last rights given out before death) should take time to acomplish and prevent the player from attacking and moving away without interruption etc, instead of; “runs up to friend, whams needle through plate armour then revives on full hp”, so that it would be a job better undertaken by archers or maa whilst their beefier comrades cover them.

  • @Campin:

    I certainly like the idea, although the title did originally leave me to believe you were some human rights activist come to spam on us all.

    Thank you for your reply, I am glad you like it.

    The lack of other replies seems to indicate that the post indeed is too long for the impatient crowd to read, anyhow, I’m seeking for developers opinion after all.

    It would seriously be fitting for this game to have a system even slightly like this, because in real combat, you are more likely to get wounded than outright die before you even hit the ground.

    Still though, realism generally isn’t fun.

  • Developer

    We are investigating the possibility of this feature, or something close to it and want to stay tight lipped on it till its ready to show. Happy to observe community discussion on the idea though.

  • @Tibberius:

    We are investigating the possibility of this feature, or something close to it and want to stay tight lipped on it till its ready to show. Happy to observe community discussion on the idea though.

    I see, I had the technical difficulties in mind while writing that, but I assumed that Unreal Engine is much more versatile than Source was, allowing such “fatality” moves.

    I am happy that this is being investigated upon, proving me that you want the game to be something I also want it to be, making it day one purchase for me.

    I also have one more question/suggestion and I am aware that you might not be able to answer it; Will there be something like “Commanders” or “Captains” in teams, like in Metal Gear Solid 3 online play, the best player of a team could play as Revolver Ocelot, where as the rest of the team were mere soldiers.

    This would make dedication to objectives and goals rewarding, making everyone want the first place in the team.

    Even better would be if the best player in the team was a “Captain”, being easily recognized by other players, and the 2nd and the 3rd players could be some lesser leaders, not being as much visible but different from the normal soldiers.

    I know this would only require more work from your part, but I think asking won’t hurt anyone.


  • I like the idea too, but on a side note. Don’t make the system to advanced, as this can easily confuse (new) players.

    Don’t add medics, please. Also in most games incapacitated is the same as death in most games. Just laying there in pain and fainting from shock or blood loss is quite far away from eachother. your body will shut down(faint) if you receive enough damage fast enough. Therefore it’s a low likelyhood of a person being conscious if he got hit by a great axe, then a arrow or sword.

  • I think this would be a fun idea as long as its effects were minimal- or perhaps scalable?

  • Wouldn’t it be cool if your arm was cut of you can still fight on with your other arm. :D

  • Lol, and an achievement for it: The One Armed Bandit: Kill an enemy while one of your arms has been chopped off.

  • I like the idea.
    It certainly adds a need for more choice-making during combat and thus greater variation into the game.


  • @Andrew Blake There is some old game named RUNE, where this is actually possible :D
    (incredibly fun though you’ve got only very little time on your hand(s) until you bleed to death)

    About the Executions: I don’t know running around the battlefield and stabbing my fallen comrades to “stop their suffering” just doesn’t sound right to me.
    I’d prefer kneeling next to and mouthing a last prayer for them big time^^ (NOT some Healing spell)

    Also crawling around mourning and then getting stabbed unable to defend oneself sounds somewhat overly cruel and unnessecary to me.

    maybe instead of this sometimes a killing blow could automatically trigger some execution animation^^

    Also the last prayer/execution/whatever might just give some extra xp(or sth. like that) to the player doing it instead of the fast revival thingy (I’m not exactly shure how slicing someones throat should speed up his revival^^)

    Anyway, just my thoughts ;)

  • The Agathians could do something reverent and non-violent, such as lying you down on your back, and from the dying players view you just go to sleep. The Masons on the other hand, could execute with a dagger or something. Of course this will only be doable to a teammate if their health is very low.

  • Bumping this thread, since the development is nearing its end, I am curious on whether or not my idea was implemented, even in some degree?

  • Love the idea of incapacitated players crawling and moaning, I think it will add a lot more depth and believability to CMW. Now I realise how stupid it is that ragdolls fly everywhere from tanks and the like in BF3 only to get up and run around immediately afterwards.

  • I just want to know what’s up with the youth in Asia.

  • I like the idea, but wouldn’t it be even better if you could shoot yourself with loaded crossbow bolt? :D

  • I think it’s a great idea!

    Definitely agree that adding in medics and how much healing is to much is a bit of a mess. Love the idea of the respawn variation. Could do something like the following:

    1. Killed by enemy player (no execution needed)… 15 seconds.

    2. Killed by enemy player (bleeds out)… 15 seconds.

    3. Killed by enemy player (executed)… 15 seconds including time waited +10 extra. (has to be worth doing if you will be vulnerable during, also death animation shouldn’t be too long)

    4. Killed by enemy player (euthanized by teammate)… 5 second wait after teamkill or until initial 15 seconds are up. If gotten right away only a 5 second respawn, if euthanized 10 seconds into wait results in no benefit to respawner)

    Trying to leave specific religions out of the picture but… could have a chaplain that says a blessing and shuts the soldier’s eyes (instant respawn if done right away).
    Doesn’t have to be a class, rather could just equip a holy book/scroll/or just generally an artifact to a weapon slot. Artifact for Agathians can vary from that of Masons.

    Good stuff, love the discussion!

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