Thinking about sprint or "nerf perma sprint"

  • the story:

    after a long good evening in Chivalry and lots of good games, a very hard player appeared on the server.
    we all know that Man at Arms can doge and it’s okay, cause it costs stamina. other classes cant doge, but have better armor and heavier weapons.

    but this guy was a pain in the ass. he used PERMA sprint (always runing) and double stabing with heavy tower shild as knight … it was impossible to react or to hit him. he was runing around like crazy and double stabing people like hell. and after his clanmates were on teh server too, the team soon leaved the server, i think you people will know why

    so i would suggest to think more about the sprint option. it should not possible to run around like crazy all the time. sprint should cost stamina or should be interupted by doing an attack. this would be two easy way to prevent such unfair gameplay.

    edit: i forgot to say “thank you Torn Banner Studios for this really beautifull game” it has some small issues, but it’s great :)

  • Sprint is interrupted by a attack.

    Sprint should not cost stamina, because you spend a lot of time running to the fight from your spawn. Having to walk would be tedious to say the least.

    MaA sprint speed is 10% faster than a Knights. But when chasing you run faster and the person being chased run’s slower so eventually you will catch them.

    If you are having trouble with a particular tactic being used against you. Stop and have a think, what are the strengths of your class, what are the weakness’s of the opponents class. And alter your tactics in a manner that supports your class’s strengths and exploits your opponents weakness’s.

  • Sprint should not cost stamina for every class, but i aggree that it SHOULD for knights. Knights are not ment to be fast. Even if it means that you get kited by archers, a Knight is not ment for dealing with archers. Other Classes like Men at Arms or Vanguard are.
    In return they could give them a bit more Hp. But they need a slow down. Actually i dont really feel like a knight when playing a knight, cause i CAN run all the time. I play knight myself and think that i am to fast… i would rather have a bit more life than beeing that fast…

  • fine as is

    i just want them to fix some weapons like norse sword and warhammer, the rest of the mechanics seem very balanced to me

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