Some more suggestions!

  • I bet most of these, if not all, have been suggested already. But i’ll do it anyways.

    *men at arms needs a bit more speed and the dodge need tweaking to make it easier to use. They are hella vulnerable right now. Or atleast (too) hard to play for most people.

    *Archers arrows should be less effective when shot point blank. More effective when fired from long range.

    *Customize your amour. I dont know if these was already planned, but in a game like this, being uniqe and standing out is awesome! Do it. Do it naaau!

    *Shield seems bugged.

    *Make kick stun the enemy for a bit longer to make it more viable in combat. Now its mostly used as a fun way to push your friends down a cliff.

    *Make the oil pot more effective. if you hit someone, they should feel it.

    *Make stamina a more important part of the game. People swing like mad men right now because it WORKS. When you’re tired you should deal alot less damage, and you should get tired faster. Esp knights with huge 2-handers. In short, make skilled, tactical combat the winning way.

    *Catapults, ballistas and the ram needs some fixning, but you already know that.

    *Some maps needs spawnzones fixed. The one (cant remember the name) where you’re suppose to push a bomb-thingie to the gate is horribly unbalanced. Oh, and it should have a 3rd step too!

    *Add GORE when killing filthy peasants. We all want that… Cuz we’re sick.

    *Interrupting incoming blows seems bugged at times. It’s no biggie but when you hit a knight when he swings his maul and it keeps coming you usually die.

    Anyways, I love this game and I havent had this much fun in years. Keep up the good work!

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