Somebody help

  • Everytime i play the game these random black patches come up and spazz out or they just sit there and cover up textures my graphics and video card is up to date plus i just validated the files and even restarted my computer but i’m still getting the random black patch’s I think it has something to do with the textures but i don’t know what to do with them or update them. Nobody replies to my first thread so someone reply to this and help me.

  • Developer

    At your own risk grab FurMark, run the burn-in test for a while (10-15 minutes maybe? Watch the temperature go up and keep it running for at least a few minutes on maximum) and see if there’s any artifacting. You should just keep seeing a nice, pristine, fuzzy toroid on your screen. If you start seeing anything else, there’s something wrong with the GPU.

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