• I heard a suggestion by someone about engineer support class but his idea wasn’t liked by many others.

    I was reading on medieval battles and learned that we are missing two things: cavalry and fireworks. Cavalry, as it has been discussed, is out of the option. It’s not what this game is about.

    So how about a class with some fireworks? It may be exciting to see fireworks going off in the battle field.

    I just imagined this class would be similar to archer, but dressed like a regular civilian. (Or however you prefer) He would focus more on ranged attacks, with firework rockets and small firework bombs that doesn’t necessarily do that much damage but cover decent range of an area.

    Firework rockets will bounce off shields if blocked, and firework bombs can be kicked with the kicks until detonation.

    In a regular match, he won’t be too much useful when there are a few, not doing that much damage and the class being very fragile. But in mass groups, they can be frightening like archers.

    This is just an idea. It would be interesting to see others elaborate the idea of fireworks in the game.

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