Movement speed

  • Knights can catch a running archer. So does the other classes aswell.
    I mean, come on guys.
    How can a heavy armored dude with a large sword even come close to catching a running archer?
    Either change all the classes movement speed or buff archers movement speed.

    Is it the vangards which has the really long pole with a blade at the end of it? Anyway how come he can do damage if he is at dagger range to his enemie, I mean wood wouldnt really kill you, more like when he swings his wepond on you he would destroy his own wepond. Imo that really needs to get fixed.

  • About archers, if you have problems running away from a knight, you are doing something wrong (or you are running backwards which never should be faster than other running character, can you imagine how unbalanced that would be?).

    And polearm is good as it is + you shouldn’t nerf vanguard, as it seems to be the least powerfull melee class (hard to compare with archers).

  • If you haven’t noticed the game is not built upon realism. If it was, obvious imbalances between weapons would exist and would completely ruin the gameplay lol. The knight being able to catch the archer in this game clearly makes sense. If not, archers would be allowed free reign to kite / shoot / kite / shoot. You have plenty of time to shoot people in the face while they are closing the gap on you. It would be extremely frustrating for a knight player to never be able to catch up to you in the first place.

  • If an archer would be able to run way, way faster considering rate of fire and everything. But anyway a chase affair is detrimental to both parties because it is boring and takes time and does not result in helping your team, so both parties are naturally interested in ending it. The only reason an archer would run away is to run behind/back to his teammates. So making the archer faster would mean that by the time he gets back to his teammates there would be a gap between him and his chaser, resulting in archer not taking part of the ensuing melee fight and can instead go back to his ranged attackery if he is confident his teammates kill his chaser. That and nothing else.

  • Well i aggree with the OP.

    The Knights shouldnt be slow as fuck, but i think they should lose stamina when running. And thats not really imbalanced considering this is no 1vs1 Game. The Knight is actually for Fighting in the Blob, while the Archers are shooting from somewhere else. Other Classes like the Vanguard, Crossbowmen or other Archers should deal with the Archers while the Knights should become slightly slower, lose stamina when running but also should become a bit more health (so it keeps his balance).

    Consider this is NO 1vs1 Game. Its about winning the round. But to make “everyone happy” this could be added as a “improved realism feature”, wish you can disable and enable when hosting a server. So if people really want to run like chuck norris with a knight, they could stay on standart servers, while “improved realism” servers would challenge the players to do more teamplay, cause for example a knight is kiteable and slow as fuck.

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