Leaderboards and Stat Tracking.

  • A consistent stat tracking system would definitely enhance the gaming experience for me. Even though it seems a bit arbitrary, seeing your personal stats steadily increase lets you know how you’re growing as a player. I’d also like to see a leaderboard system where you can compare your personal stats with others. I know this game had a smaller budget than many other games, but you can feel that such a standard feature is missing.

    Does anyone else sort of feel this way?

  • Being a “Standard Feature” is kinda debatable, but, a consistent stat tracking can actually be an interesting thing. Does give players a sense of achievement, and also, helps people keep watch for the naughty players who like to cheat their games.

  • This has already been discussed multiple times. I’m not entirely sure where the devs stand on it but i am certainly against pretty much all forms of stat tracking. Simply put players become more focused on their stats and will engage in playstyles that work to pad their stats rather than play the objectives at hand.

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