Sprint toggle - not sure if its working

  • I hold down the W button to move forward, and then while doing so, I hit the SPRINT button, and my character sprints, so long as I continue to hold the W button. If I release the W button my character stops. Is this how it works? Just holding down the SPRINT without the W button does nothing. and double tapping either button does nothing. Is there any way for my character to run by pressing one button - without holding down any buttons? :?

    The long runs from the camp to the battle would be made easier by a one button tap for constant running.

    Oh, I do have the Toggle Sprint option check marked.

  • The problem seems to be what cancels the sprint toggle is weird or not consistent. Sometimes I have to hit Sprint a second time to “turn it off”, while other times certain actions will seem to cancel it as well.

  • There are a lot of weird collision issues on the maps, which cause you to stop sprinting.

  • So no Dev knows if the game they made has auto run where you hit a button and your character runs/sprints without having to hold the button down all the while ??? :?

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