Control Layout Adjustment

  • This might contain a few mistakes, since I spend the whole night animating some complex movements, so I beg your pardon for that. I’m pretty beat right now and about to go to bed after I play a little more Chivalry.

    But to the issue at hand:

    Your controls are unnecessary clunky right now. There is only so many feasible hotkeys for one hand, so I figured I’d spend 5 minutes and write this down. I figure some of this will require a bit of re-writing, but I think it’s worth it. A good control layout is pretty important for the feeling of a game.

    W/A/S/D - Movement
    LMB: Slash (Melee), Throw (Thrown), Shoot (Ranged)
    Hold LMB: Overhead (Melee), Hold Thrown (Thrown), Hold Arrow/Bolt (Ranged)
    Right LMB: Parry (Weapon)/Block (Shield), Aim (Crossbow)
    R: Feint (Melee), Reload (Crossbow)
    Q: Shove
    F: Use
    E: Stab
    Mouse-Wheel Up/Down: Zoom Crossbow/Bow distance.
    Hold Shift: Sprint
    W/A/S/D+ Tapping Shift = Quick Dodge in the direction

    This is mostly a more streamlined control setup that allows for better use of the most comfortable hotkeys next to the usual hand resting position. There are some extra keys like V,B,T,G for big hands, but basically the whole area around WASD is what even smaller hands can reach with ease.

    Most importantly about this is probably to explain the new Dodge layout. I picked this combination for two reasons: The double-tap isn’t working out for a lot of people right now and the single target dodge isn’t very responsive. For example it won’t work at all if you press S+A or W+D. So you need to stop a forward-strafe by taking your hand of the W key to dodge to a side for example.

    By combining the regular movement with a quick tap on the shift key, you should get a far better result. Since you can not dodge while sprinting anyways, this also gives the Shift key a multi-purpose function in combat (similar to what I did with other weapons and such). You should probably optimize the dodge either way, using this or not, so it can be used while forward/backward strafing.

    Ye … I think that’s all.

  • I find myself wishing to use MMB for one of the melee combat moves, however then I wouldnt have arrow cam on that. Uniting keys is a good idea, it could be realised so that you could bind the same key for multiple binds as long as there is no possiblity of conflict.
    Adding the hold mouse button as a binding option is generally a good idea, although it might create a short delay before the execution of the move, so that would need to be tested first.

  • Push of justice so it doesn’t get lost in all the other stuff

  • What if you want to stab while moving forward and to the right? Also, having to hold an attack throws the whole thing off. What if I need to use a downward attack quickly? You seem to have a problem with the use of the mouse wheel for attacks.

  • LMAO. How is this a streamlined setup? I could not work with thie setup at all.

    My setup:

    LMB: default
    RMB: Parry, Feint (There is a way to combine Feint and Parry to one button)
    MMB: MAA dash (Hate accidentally dashing by tapping movement keys. I removed the double tap dash feature)
    Sidebutton forward: Stab
    Sidebutton back: Overhead

    If you don’t have a mouse with side buttons, you shouldn’t be playing a PC game nowadays.

    Mouse wheel up: primary weapon
    Mouse wheel down: secondary weapon
    Q: Throwing weapon
    Alt: Arrow Camera.

  • The topic is not playable.

    But i am shure the game needs the ability to bind two commands at one key. For example archers DO NOT NEED overhead and thrust buttons while with bow… BUT they can not bind arrow-camera on these buttons (((((((

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