Let the "last minute) music play the WHOLE game.(optional)

  • Hello there dear community!

    So, after playing several matches (both in beta and release) i always get to the end thinking: why on earth cant we play with this music the whole game? it’s truly epic music and really sets the mood and spirit!

    So why not have an option on the sound menu to activate music the whole game?

    And yeah don’t bring me the old: “just play some music on the background!”. It’s not the same.

    Those musics are perfect. They really get me in the mood to do some killing and protecting/attacking my objectives.

    Is this doable?

    Kind Regards,

    Sir. Lvso the Insane

  • Check the options….

  • @Sir:

    Check the options….

    Omg loool. i feel such a noob. Thank you kind Sir! I love you! i truly do!

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