Hardcore mode

    1. Only avilable on team objective map types. as wouldnt reallt work on deathmatch style
    2. 4x increased hitpoints
    3. No respawn.

    would be interesting no? be good to see how differently people will play, not more click click and kill 3/4 of ur own team lol, may also encourage more tactical team play and voice comms.

    just an idea……

  • Softcore would be a more appropriate name, hardcore would imply faster death.

  • Hardcore mode are suppose to make things tougher, not making it a spam war. So by increasing their hitpoints is not good. Would be better if they were decreased.

    This is probably the way a Hardcore mode should work out.

    ? Removing all HUD from screen, including crosshair, health bar, stamina bar, killicons, ammo count and aswell objective markers.

    ? Feints having a stamina cost increased by 30%

    ? Health being reduced by 50% / 70%.

    ? Stamina regeneration rate slower.

    ? Health regeneration rate slower.

    Those are my suggestions.

  • You are confusing a mode that would be hardcore with a mode that the OP suggested that he would name hardcore. But the thread title is hardcore mode so I cant blame you. I dont think more or less HP would change it substantially, but a one-life team-deathmatch style mode where eveyone spawn at the same time could be awesome in this game.

  • Last man standing free for all will most likely be added aswell.

    The name says it all about the mode, its suppose to be “hardcore” afterall, with having Two-handed one-hit everything while one-handers two hit, and aswell the daggers three hit, not that bad considering the speed difference between each invidual weapon.

  • i was morning aiming it towards longer tactical, team play games with no respawns.
    ive never been a fan of deathmatch, its just everyone plays this game way to un-caring about if they die or not

    wouldnt it be fun to have knights line up with shields in a choke point with archers supporting, rarther than everyone just running around willy nilly, as they know oh well if i die i r/s in 6 seconds!

    the “hard core mode” more refrains to that fact u dont respaw, which imo is the true meaning of “hardcore”, :P, when you die, you die.

    the reason for increasing the HP was making it last longer, as obviously in a shieldwall ur going to get hit alot, and if people die in 2hits it wouldnt be as much fun :P, maybe not increasing health by 3 or 4x, maybe even keep it same as it is now.

    just make it alot more skill based, rarther running in swinging which is what u see alot of in general play

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