Suggestion: HUD decluttering

  • Hey folks. Id like to suggest the implementation of a few extra options in the configuration screen.
    A few options to toggle whether you want to see stuff like arrow/bolt/throwable count, stamina bars, and the chatbox would go a long way towards immersion.

    If I speak for myself, I know id lose nothing and gain quite a bit of immersion if I could hide the chatbox. Its always full of idiotic and inane comments (after a while, reading accusations of “noob” or “cheater” gets stale), and is nothing but a distraction.

    Thanks, and thats it for my suggestion.

  • Agree. First thing I do when the map starts is hitting U und H to remove the crosshair and objective texts. Please give us the option to deselect this in a menue.

  • I agree, certain messages such as “Objective complete etc, should still be visible” and “Server MOTD text”, but options would be nice.

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