Tables of unlockables

  • well that title completely sucked but, anyways concerning all the problems faced by the devs and the community with unlockable I managed to create broadly what the major points of peoples ideas of unlockable would be;

    1. What is experienced gained for?
    well as we know xp will most probably be gained by killing foes doing objectives etc. But what are those points gained for?

    a. each class has its own level which increases individually (sounds like what the devs will do :D)
    b. the player levels up as a whole and all the xp gained through each class contributes to this overall level
    c. a mixture like BFBC2 where the “major” weapon unlocks are for each class through their own levels, whilst the general upgrades are universal levels
    d. each weapon used has its own tree of unlockables and levels

    2. How will we use levels+xp to unlock stuff?
    some very tough choices here :L NOTE “items” are all weapons and all asthetic improvements.

    a. after a random period of time a random item is “found”, basically tf2’s system
    b. for each level gained a random item is found
    c. after a random period of time a player may select any one item from the arsenal (basically a shop)
    d. for each level gained any one item may be selected from the arsenal (my personall fav as it allows people to choose what they want)
    e. for each level gained a new item is unlocked from a series of items (ie you get an item on a tree that is unlocked for everyone at that level)
    f. another type of points is unlocked alongside xp (ie gold/wealth) this can anything at anytime from the arsenal for different prices. levels would then only become a measure of timeplayed
    g. like F but the items must first be unlocked with levels - basically black ops’ method braces for rage comments

    3. How are weapons ging to be different?
    well we all know now each class is going to have at least 3 different main weapon loadouts with different strengths and weaknesses for that weapon, but should these options be further customizable? basic weapons=“sword”,“2hsword”, "spear etc

    a. no, just the basic weapons can be used
    b. each of the basic weapons has 3-4 different appearances and names, but these are purely for looks- NO STATS ARE CHANGED (mine+andrew blakes sort of approach i think)
    c. these different appearances could have minor stat variations that don’t difinitively make them better/worse than another of it’s basic type- e.g. increased dmg but slower swing speed
    d. the basic weapon can be upgraded in tiers in which the highest level weapon is technically the best (porbably a no-no)

    overall this sort of table helped me understand what a mound of s*** (you delete this whole post because of that and I will not be happy >;[) the devs are going too have to wade-through in order to appease everyone. no matter what they do though, if you’re customizing something the only ways of improving a class will be either to increase it’s greatest + further (a knight with 2h axe’s dmg), or too reduce it’s major weakness (that knight’s move speed). And even if all things are balanced some weapons may still be considered better than the basic originals- you don’t see many medics on tf2 without the original needle-gun or many heavy’s still trying to use their shotguns etc.

    sorry for long post :P and just say if i’ve missed anything or so…

  • my opinions:

    1: level up should be used as an indicator for playtime(not skillz). level 3 noob, level 37 (Veteran)
    also combinated with the 2.

    2: Level and achievements, you need level 10 and chop 200 heads and win as attacking team on all (offical)maps.

    3: B; I would hope they would not only change the textures, but add one or two slightly modifed models too. (ok idea)
    C; Could work too. But of course this will impact some of the blanace but, this is probably the more fun way to do it. Adjusting not only class to your play style but weapons too, is much more fun.(better idea)

    There is going to be 4 classes now(Devs could change it), so there is definetivly going to be more types of weapons for each class. (Ideal idea)(with C even better, lot of work though.)

    I doubt they will delete your post lol :) Do it Naah joking

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