Freelook based attack direction system

  • Based on Mount and blade:
    Alot of people like the mouse directional attack direction system used in Mount and blade and Im sure the devs have checked that out. There are a few problems with that system:

    1. When attacking from left-right and moving at the same time, the charcter moves left-right as well.
    a. This system is base on freelook, which means you can look left-right without immediately changing the direction of your body, so this problem is none or minimal.

    2. Clumsy - mouse movement must be done immediately before pressing LMB for execution, otherwise attacks from unintended directions are possible especially if you are not a seasoned mouse warrior.
    b. This system would allow you to press LMB and face any direction you want, then execute the attack upon release.

    3. The current Mount and blade system is limited to 4 directions, although I am not sure that its not possible to implement more in that game using mouse direction system.
    c. In this system it is possible to implement (near) infinite amount of attack directions because it is not based on recognizing the direction of mouse movement, but rather where the player is looking compared to where his body is facing. This pairs well with the blocking system already in Chivalry which can block attacks from an (near) infinite amount of directions.

    In principle:
    Now the basis of this system is freelook without body movement as implemented in other games such as resistance and liberation.
    Because from start to end, attack animations before landing in Chivalry take quite a long time, there would easily be enough time to readjust your view (due to adjusting it in order to change the direction of the attack) after starting the execution of an attack.
    Feinting during holding the mouse button would cancel the attack and would require the mouse button to be pressed again. Best used with this suggestion.
    A stab does not use the normal axis of other attacks, but also doing an attack starting from the ground ending in the sky is completely unpractical, means looking directly down or upto around 30-50 degrees to either side from the direction of directly down would mean a stab attack is chosen.
    Ofcourse a near infinite number of attack directions is not necessary. 6-8 would already be good.

    Compared to the attack types in Chivalry currently:
    Basically An overhead attack would still do the most damage, a slash can slash the most opponents and something inbetween would be exactly that - inbetween. A stab attack would still be seperate from the others and have its own properties.

    In example:
    So the course would be something like this: you are facing an enemy, you press and hold LMB (this does not lock anything, you can still move in all directions and change the direction of your body if you move your mouse far enough, although then you just need to readjust the direction you are looking in compared to the direction of your body if necessary, to make the attack from the direction you want) look slightly away in a direction such as up and right and release the LMB to immediately start an attack from that direction.

    I know thats a lot of text, but the system would be fairly simple and intuitive ingame.

    The point?
    1. More attack directions
    2. Eliminates having many clumsy mouse controls

    Inb4: Bro I just really dont think this is a very good idea. Have a cookie though.

  • I like this idea but it probably is a lot for them to do. Id wants to test this out before they just completely change the game.

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