Arenas and arena teams

  • Every medieval movie got its arena with arena teams, 1v1 and up to 5v5. This is the perfect opportunity to get some competition in this game! By being able to make and join arena teams you could unlock better weapons the better you get. If this is implemented there should be a ranking system, making lower ranked teams fight teams at their skill level, by doing this the arena part of the game stays balanced. A few arena-only maps would be awesome, aslong as its not to big.

    Every team should get their own Banner to customize. Selecting emblems they can place on the banner, maybe a border and a background colour. In my opinion, this would be a very attractive part for the more competitive player.

  • @Sionma:

    could unlock better weapons the better you get

    Not gonna happen.

  • @Sionma:

    Not gonna happen.

    That was just an idea, maybe the weapon upgrades could be asthetic? So you can see on the player if his good or bad?

  • i really like this idea, especially if some sort of 1v1 gladiator type of style.

    the better u become u can customise ur toon with astetics only upgrades.

    and make ur vanguard ect look like a roman gladiator ( i know its not enirly in the theme of medieval) but u gotta admit, some of the helmets/armour out of spartacus blood and sand would look pretty bad ass.

    also, maybe give u some sort of custom title ingame depending on ur rank, be a nice competitive side to the game, which could carry over onto the fun normal side, and ofc any sort of ranking wud be good, 1v1 wud be the best type for this

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