New "Main Menu"

  • The main menu feels abit boring in my opinion, the other day, i got this brilliant idea! What about a city where everyone could hang around instead of the main menu? That would make this game feel alot more like a true medieval game with an open world. You could have peoples to talk to when you want to join a battle, or an arena guy to talk to when you want to do arenas (wich refers to my other article )

    I think this would be a VERY cool addition to the game

  • if i understand the way this game works (probarly dont), the actuall devs or development studio dont actually host anything, its all 3rd party servers, (to cut down on costs).

    wudnt this mean they wud need there own cluster for this?

    just saying…tho wud be a good idea.

  • @donjpclarke:

    Re: New “Main Menu”

    Ah, i understand. It would be cool tho :)

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