Server crash caused by autobalancer in TDM

  • If the final remaining player on a team (once they’ve exhausted all of their re-enforcements) is switched to the other team (by the autobalancer) the server will crash.

    This just happened to me.

    • I was on Mason.
    • Both Agatha and Mason had exhausted their re-enforcements
    • Agatha had a 3 or 4 players remaining
    • I was the top scorer, and last standing player on Mason.
    • auto-balancer (for some f**ked up reasoning) decided that switching the Mason’s last remaining player to Agatha would be a ‘good idea’.
    • As soon as the switch occurred the server crashed.

    I guess the auto-balancer bypasses whatever end-state checks are performed at death, so the Mason team remained active with zero players in it.
    One would hope this would trigger an assert fail, though it might just have fallen over on a null pointer.

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