Arrows that land proper

  • Hey guys, one thing i think would make this game alot more appealing visually would be to make the arrows stick into things properly. I’m sure it wouldn’t slow the game down and it’s been done in M&B which is years old, so im sure chivalry can handle this.

    Currently when projectiles are thrown they seem to float in mid-air quite often after landing into something, and when hitting somebody they sometimes stick to them in very odd and improper ways.

    I threw a javelin at someone today and it stuck on the wrong way backwards floating in the air and it just looked plain ridiculous.

    Arrows, Javelins, Crossbow Bolts, even knives and throwing axes should stick in their target properly after thrown.

    It happens every once and a while already but very rarely does it work properly. I think it would be ALOT cooler if arrows stuck right in the shield, and into people properly.

    Think of pushing the battering ram with your shield up while a hail of archers open up on you and your shield gets 5-10 arrows stuck in it which remain there as you charge forward to attack.

    Or getting speared through the chest with a javelin and it being stuck in you half way leaving you impaled.

    Right now these would be SO easy to implement but what we are left with is this…

    A volley of arrows come your way, you raise your shield to block, they float around you oddly some are backwards or sideways and as you charge your enemy it just looks ridiculous.

    Someone throws a javelin and it floats in midair behind you at some wierd angle looking very silly.

    Seems it could use a fix. Just saying. M&B did it and its years old so this should be fairly easy to implent on the UR engine.

  • Stickies are being worked on. One thing I do want to bring up though is arrows sticking in shields that are passively blocking, as currently they do not sticky whatsoever, meaning we don’t get to see any porcupines.

  • again i agree with op
    shot/thrown projectiles always float around things, hardly/never in them.
    &tbh look funny/dum and cause some confusion.

  • She taught me how to speak proper…. PROPERLY

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