I always get owned. Please help :)

  • Hi.
    I have one big problem. For example in free for all arena servers, where we are about 32 people,
    I run into a group of guys fighting, i try to hit one of them, I usually fail, but I aim correctly, but the weapon just fails. I don’t know. It’s like I always fail when hitting, but people hits me very easily.
    You will say i need practice, but I don’t know what to do.
    Must the center dot be aiming on the oponent when striking him? Or can I make a swing aiming anywhere, and while the weapon is travelling left move the aiming point towards the oponent and it will hit? I confused.
    Also, a lot of ties, I swing at the same time than the enemy, but always, the oponent, lands his weapon before I do, so I get killed. All of this is very frustrating, cause I think Im not bad at blocking specially. But sometimes I strike several times agains 2 oponents that are fighting for example, and i hit non of them…
    I know I can train at the training mode, but it feels tedious repeting that mode again and again.
    Playing against mods doesn’t feel the same since I am the host and bots don’t bring lag into the server.
    Is there any training server, with masters or something like that?
    I still don’t understand how can be people that make more than 20 kills per round. I hardly pass 10 kills, and i can’t get better. Also, there are people who kills 3 players in 2 seconds, with a maul, and they swing very fast, It feels imposible for me to do that.
    Another doubt I have is, when you press left mouse button, if you keep pressing it, it looks like it handles the position for a bit longer, does it take more damage, is it recomended to do that?7
    Thanks, I hope someone can help me, i want to get a bit better.

  • I only half read what you wrote but from the look of it you need to lower all your settings to a minimum and go play Duel. That should help you a lot.

    I know, your computer may be able to take full settings, so does mine, but I notice I still lag, so I put everything to minimum, its still beautifull. and I started playing duel to learn how to fight one on one. And to be honest I dont even go to other servers anymore, Duel server is where its at

  • At this stage, never try to engage more than one enemy. Try to stick with your group, but not the core of it, because that’ll just be a slaughterfest. Don’t go completely lone wolf though. You should also be aware of the different weapons and their stats. Which weapon has a longer range than others, which one does more damage, which one is slower, etc. So you can try to take advantage of their weakness. Knowledge is important.

    If you have a longer range weapon, you can get the first hits off. If your opponent has the longer ranged weapon, try to block him first, followed quickly by your own attack.
    A faster weapon and a more damaging are pretty self-explanatory I think. Mind you, you will often have the edge on at least one of these levels. Utilize it.

    You can go spamming mode too. Just mindlessly run around and keep attacking with a rare block in between. I won’t lie to you, it is effective. But don’t do it, as I consider it to be pretty lame and you will be stuck on that skill-level, you will never be able to become a better player in general if you’re a spammer. And trust me, there’s a much higher skill ceiling than the spam one.

    In some situations you might end up in the boring block-attack-block-attack-block-attack-block cycle, but there are a few tricks you can use then such as feint and kick.
    Footwork can also be incredibly effective, try to evade an enemy attack just simply by walking out of its range on the last second. Next, you can rush in and get a guaranteed hit on your enemy. If you’re fast, there’s no way he can get a block up in time again.

    These are just the basic stuff that came up in me. I don’t know whether you found this helpful, but I would certainly redirect you to some tutorial videos. They helped me out a lot and learned me a lot of new tricks. Check them out:

    Basic combat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TevnvCS85z0

    Advanced combat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llnRxtazljg

  • Watch your ping, ideally it should be around 50, 100 is ok, 150 is max imo.

  • 100 is NOT okay

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