Options get reset everytime I enter the game.

  • Well, I find this annoying. I have to config my options everytime i enter the game, i click finish and they save, i exit the game and it looks they return to their default.
    I have to change the screen to 1.366x768 and lower some details to run it perfectly, but it changes back when i exit the game and enter again. this is very annoying.
    What happens?

  • This is happening to me also. It’s super annoying to have to reduce all the settings EVERY time I play if I want a playable framerate. I’ve hand-edited all the *SystemSettings.ini files I can find, and it still ignores that and reverts back to max settings every time. I give up.

  • Same here, although it’s not every single time. It seems pretty random, usually only the graphic settings will be reset but today for instance I had to redo the keybinds.

    Also I’m not sure the graphic settings actually validate properly. For a test I will put everything on low for instance, then hit ‘Finish’. You can see the graphics are clearly lowered. However, if I enter the settings menu again and click “Finish” without changing anything, it clearly looks like the graphics are altered (as if I had selected “High”/“True” on some random settings).

  • Well, I hope debs read this post and try to fix it whenever they want. I think this is an iportant bug.

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