Weapon specific death animations

  • Hey guys i was playing today and i realized something…

    there are some seriously badass weapons in this game and only a few death animations for each…

    I’m not talking about adding anything that would take away from the pace of the game, but as it is now, each death has a death animation…i think it should be expanded on…

    I think rather then just arms, legs and heads coming off, we should add more specific animations.

    For a few examples:

    Thrusts: When someone dies from a thrust from a sharp weapon like a sword or spear, maybe instead of them just “falling dead”, the last shot has you put the sword RIGHT IN THEM and out the other side, and as you walk off their on there hands and knees holding their stomach as they bleed out. Or for a headshot with a thrust, you stick your sword right in their mouth and out the back of their head.

    Slashing with 2 H blade weapons: Causing them to split in half horizontally.

    Slashing in general: Slicing of abdomin open and guts pour out.

    I mean right now the level of immersion in this game is pretty intense but sometimes it gets repetitve. It’d be cool if certain attacks with certain weapons brought about more realistic type deaths. Would just be visual but i think it’d add alot to immersion personally.

  • I wanna be able to split a mans head in two using overhand. MORE BLOOD! And the animation from mace to the head needs to be fixed. I mean, gib? Come on!

  • I wouldnt mind more Death animations from certain/defferent weapons.
    i agree
    and yea about the mace gib ^heh, mabe dents in the helm/armor? from blunt weapons

  • @Ross_Kemp:

    I wanna be able to split a mans head in two using overhand. MORE BLOOD! And the animation from mace to the head needs to be fixed. I mean, gib? Come on!

    i like that idea!

  • More varied death animations, for sure - but you’d have to be careful to not have something like a execution-style animation (like the stabbing-through-head animation) restrict the movement of the player performing it - otherwise it would be advantageous in the heat of battle to not stab in areas where those animations play, and that would defeat the purpose.

    My suggestion was to let us press “E” or something when a keeling animation is playing that lets you play a weapon-specific taunt-style execution - for example, with a knife, slitting of throat or multiple chest stabs, etc.

  • I’m not talking about any execution style animations.

    I’m talking, you stab someone in the face, currently it just looks like u stab them in the face and they drop dead.

    What im saying is the stab in the face actually shows your dude go into the head and out the other side and him pulling it out. Maybe only taking 1 second longer then normal, and when the body hits the floor, its mangled.

    The same why when you aim for the neck, the head flys off. It’s not slowing down pace of game. I’m not talking an execution animation.

    Like instead of someone’s head flying off, the sword slashes through someones stomach and his guts pour out. Doesn’t require any freezing of your character or any extra time, it just requires it to look better then “a dude falling dead”.

    Already you can chop arms/legs/heads off, so all im saying is this EXACT same style of death, only more types, and make them specific to weapon and attack type (thrusts should have 1 for torso 1 for head, blunt weapons need different then slashes, ect)

    Maybe blunt weapons you see their helmet crush in or something. Just to give the games deaths less bland as the same arm cut off every dude you kill or something,

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