• I’m pretty new here, made this topic just to congrat you guys for the crazy game it’s becoming, you guys got me on just with the videos, game is looking absolutely hot.
    I know there’s no eta yet but i can’t wait for try it out =).

    Im dying to find out how the archery system will work :D


  • If you haven’t yet, you can download Age of Chivalry for free here:

    Age of Chivalry is the Source mod that Chivalry is mostly based off of - the first project of Team Chivalry, now known as Torn Banner Studios. Chivalry will be vastly different from Age of Chivalry and on a totally different game engine, but it’ll at least give you a taste of what to expect.

    Previously you had to have purchased a Source engine game on Steam to play Age of Chivalry, but since Team Fortress 2 became free to play I’m not sure how it works. There’s a chance you can just download Team Fortress 2 for free and be able to play Age of Chivalry for free as well. That is, assuming you don’t already have a Steam account with an owned copy of any Source game.

    Anyway, enough advertising, welcome to the forums.

  • well source SDK is also free, so no need for downloading tf2 most likely.

  • Thanks guys, i will test it =).

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