Don't agree with the current team balancing system

  • Currently the balancing system will switch a player over to the other team if they are down a player. Although the player that they switch over is the one with the most points. I don’t agree with this because you are doing well and then the game is like “good job now we’re gonna switch you over to the losing team! :D” So I find myself being switched from team to team all the time and it is really annoying when I just wanna play with my friends and it is keeps switching me over and then forced to play against my friends (no fun for me). Instead I think that it should switch over the player who most recently joined the other team.

  • I understand the need for team balancing and I support it completely. I hated those times trying to defend a team objective while outnumbered by 4 or more players. That being said, I really hate when I’m switched from a team for doing well and being moved from my friend’s team. I would be fine being switched if there was some type of party mechanic. You could party up with some friends and join a server and if you are moved to the other team, your entire party must be moved. I would not mind being moved to a losing team as much this way because I would still be having fun with my friends.

    Just my thoughts.

  • The devs agree and this is being changed soon.

  • I find auto balance is always bad. It should be more like “you join the server. Agatha has 3 guys more on it, so you have to join mason unless both teams are more or less equal.”

    Makes it hard to play with friends on the same team.

  • The autobalance is a joke :)

    I’ve been autobalanced 3 times in a single round because autobalance sayings, “I’m going to auto balance at end of round” and in the mean time 5 people how switched about. Then i’m autobalanced to the team and they have 3 more people, so i’m autobalance… and the cycle continues.

    It’s terrible :)

    It should also prioritise people who’ve joined the latest to the server instead of the person at the top of the team.

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