Chivalry - Gladiator

  • Hi Torn Banner Team and Community,

    First, sry for my bad english, im from germany and im just bad in any language :D
    anyway… I´ve got a idea, already earlier than the game was released.
    The same Gameplay, but only in a different style.
    You know it already, epic battles in the arena, with the wish to be the best Gladiator in the world!
    or just to blowing up some heads for some fun :DDD (i like your game Torn Banner)

    It would be amazing!
    In addition, i would of course redesign the Gamedesign, Classes and Weapons, HUD/GUI but keeping the Gameplay identicaly, sure the new weapons have to be balanced and there is a lot more to do.
    Maybe you are already working on the achievements, it would be also great, if there came one day a big achievementsystem like in Call of Duty for example. With it you can unlock new weapons or some equipment to change your look.

    I don´t know, i could talking without stopping.
    I would definitely buy this new Gladiator Chivalry-Addon or Game.

    PS.: I would be happy if there is any response :) And if you like the idea, just comment it plz.

    Greetz, Straftäter

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