Your "Berserker" moments.

  • I had two today, where I heard this song playing in my head:


    My first of the day. It was the map with the cart that has to be pushed to the gates, with the slueces and such.

    I charged at the enemy spawn with my Greatsword drawn, for I was Vanguard, and need no other sword. I took an arrow to the face, which took me to 20% HP.

    I proceeded to overhead slice some guys head off, then turn and stabbed some guy in the stomach, then did a normal slash to finish him. I switched to my throwing hatchets and chucked two into a guy, killing him.

    Then I switched to my normal Hatchet, and mowed two more guys down, at this point, I had pushed them to their spawn and my Team Mates kept them their for the match. I heard the music in the video, in my head, as I ducked, jumped, dodges, and cleaved through my enemies flesh.

    My second came just moments ago as I joined one where we have to stop the Battering Ram from getting to the gates. I joined, ran out. I threw my axes and one hit, but the guy was hurt, killing him. I then took my Greatsword and began my dance.

    I charged the first guy, stabbing him, then ducked his swing and slashed his belly open. Another came, I over-headed his head and exploded, another man tried to charge me from the side, I switched to my hatchet and began my butchers work as I ducked slashed his belly, then ran behind him and hacked his spinal cord. At this point an arrow flew past me. I saw the unlucky archer and began running at me as he tried to point blank shoot me and I ducked, hit his ankle, then went to his side and used the stab of the axe head in his neck causing it to break, I presume. Another Vanguard at this point attempted to use his charge attack to stab me, I merely stepped to the left and dual hacked into his back.

    Another Archer was trying to ready his Crossbow, I chased him down as for some reason, he didn’t run away, but walked away, making him easy pickings.

    By this point I was at their spawn, near the barn. I killed one Archer who seemingly didn’t see me, thinking he was safe in spawn and over-headed him once and stabbed. At this point, I had 3 folks surrounding me, a Vanguard, & two MAA. I went for the Vanguard and managed to get him, I think he just sucked as he seemingly kept trying to jump away, to no avail. The two MAA seemingly thought he had it covered and decided to try to run past me. I finished with him, then took out my Greatsword and stabbed one in the back, then slashed, the last one I over-headed twice.


    Then 3 more men surrounded me and they stabbed at me from all sides, killing me, and one of their allies.

    At this point, they had been pushed back into spawn again and could not win. Just one of those moments where the song above played in my head.

    I hope to have many more moments as such. It was adrenaline pumping, exciting, and so intense I was shifting in my chair with each strike.

    Anyone else have a moment where something so beautiful happened like this? Of course I doubt the enemy Team saw it this way.

  • I don’t have berserker moments because I utterly stomp pub games and it’s too easy for me to “go berserk” when I run around 2 shotting everything with my norse sword and 3 shotting knights with it. and have at least a 5:1 KDR

    The only challenge I have is on duel servers, and there is no “berserking” there.

    Also, I don’t always use the norse, sometimes I use the dane axe to add some variety and to feel less gay.

  • I berserk on duel servers all the time.

  • I went berserk when my grandma put too much water into my cup ramen.

  • Last Team Standing Arena and The FFA Battlefield map are where I usually have my MAA berserk sprees.

    Oddly enough the chorus to this song will blast through my head.(0m18s)

    Though honestly they happen so often that I don’t really have any specific details(a fair amount of them end in me getting raped). They pretty much involve getting in everyone’s face and destroying them. The FFA Battlefield map is probably my favorite though.

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