• Hi,

    We’ve got a server set up (32 slots), all the ports and router are fine and configured. The Problem is some people can join the Server while others can’t. Keeps getting Frozen/stuck in “please wait while the game loads” Screen!

    what could be causing this problem? It’s not my IP or Router… as I can join TF2 or AOC servers from the same Host.

    Desperately seeking solution

  • Unfortunately, I don’t have any solution for you, just a word of helpful advice. In any forum post, always make the title as descriptive as possible, otherwise a lot of people won’t even read it. Some of those people may be the ones who could help!

    For example, instead of titling the post:
    “Help with server issue”, the title “Why do some clients get stuck on the loading screen while others are able to join?” Would attract the attention of anyone who had an answer. And it wouldn’t require them to actually read the post to know whether they might be able to help!

    Good luck with your issue, see you on the battlefield! :)

  • Same issue over here - haven’t found a solution yet but i’m guessing it has something to do with your port forwarding.

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