• Anyone going to try this out?

    The start of a sandbox MMO is the best because its extremely populated. You can’t just grind your skills up. You will have to fight for your grinding spot,t ons of PvP, it’s going to be amazing

    After a few months who knows, the game could get bad again, but the PvP SHOULD be pretty epic for a while.

    Thinking of starting a clan (and joining an alliance perhaps) if anyone wants to join.

    Incase you never heard of the original Darkfall, it’s a sandbox MMO, full loot and full PK anywhere (even NPC cities but they kill you quickly for doing it)



    This game could only be made better if Chivalry combat was in it…. (and a few other things but it’s pretty awesome as it is)

  • Heck yeah I’m gonna play this. I didn’t care for Darkfall too much, but this looks MUCH improved, so I’m actually excited to try this out.

  • DF was full of exploiters/hackers i wonder if this will be different

  • So, is this a new game or a new version of the same?

    Video looks pretty bad. But I’d really love to have an MMO that worked like Chivalry… I just don’t think Darkfall could offer me that.

  • Played this since release, loved the game.

    But both videos they released were so bad, so absurdly disappointing, that I’m probably not playing it, even though I was hyped as fuck. It looks nothing as Darkfall, the animations are horrible random lights, they don’t seem to have any impact whatsoever.

    The classes and its skills seem to be ridiculous too, the more content they release the less interest I have.

  • Aventurine has shown again and again that they are completely incompetent when it comes to designing games. Darkfall had promising ideas but awful implementation and unless they fired their designers I have 0 trust they can ever make a good game.

  • Darkfall vet here. I concur, everyone here should try it out. I think it will be sacktastic though because it doesn’t allow first person for archery anymore. I will give it a month, and if I don’t like the endgame I think I might close that chapter in my life. Good thing there are games like this out there though.

  • I’ll definitely give it a shot. I played the first one, and it’s definitely the best MMO out there. That’s not saying much, but it is something. If you want depth to a medieval skill-based game, Darkfall is really the only option.

    I know that Chivalry has spoiled me as far as the combat itself goes.

  • So far the videos have been meh at best, but I’m still looking forward to it, because of all the changes they made to what people complained about the most.

    Anyways, it’s always worth it to try out and if it doesn’t work, then we move on :)

  • Soooooooooo…

    Did anyone get this yet? I have finally bought and installed it. But have yet to try it since the Chiv beta patch was released :P

  • Waiting for it to be out of Beta. We’ll see.

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