Weapon animations…

  • So I’ve noticed that a few of these are lagged in lining up the “contact point” and “damage point.”

    Most notably on the last 2 handed knights mace when performing a stab the damage comes before the animation is even half done.

    1 handed maces also have a slower backswing on their combo but the damage is applied before the weapon appears to “hit.”

    This goes for a few other 1 handers I’ve come up against.

    And no it’s not because of a feint.

    Also I’m pretty positive it wasn’t lag. I was watching for anything like this in my last dueling game which was at 50 ping and the problems were still evident in those who were testing with me.

    Makes it slightly harder to judge when to block.

  • You didn’t have to make a thread just for me. ;)

  • Yeah, its out of sync or something like that. Very annoying. Hope they fix it soon. Can be frustrating to wait for the right moment to block and…whoops? Dead already… :P

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