Actual MMOAction

  • Hi everyone, I’m sorry if this question has already been brought up, but nevertheless it would be very good if the server system was like in any MMo action - you just join the game to any of the official servers (so there are no private servers with strange conditions and terrible ping). I also want to explain why - there are many (really MANY) players from Western Europe (including Russia) and as ping is of utmost importance here the difference in at least 50 ping matters. For example, the enemy has 40-60 ping, I got 180, the difference is clearly understandable, non-target system does it. There are some servers with lower ping (guess they’re situated closer to me), but they are private so the rules make me want to play at official servers…
    What I propose to do is to make a game an actual MMo Action. This means official servers ONLY, perhaps a monthly subscription. To my mind, there’s nothing bad in subscription, as it will really help the developers and will let them maintain as many servers as possible.

    P.S. Please do not get me wrong, I’m AGAINST donation. Subscription is another thing. And the main idea of the thread is to make official servers only.

  • I agree. All these private server cause me to be baited into joining the, but the result is always a laggy mess, no exceptions. Having official server I wouldnt mind paying for, after all it would only be a move that would help the developers a little.

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