Spear Thrower and Other Things

  • So I’ve been playing a spear throwing archer and it’s awesome, but there are a few things I would like to point out.

    1. The spear thrower has no ‘c’ or ‘x’ battle cry while holding a spear.
    2. He should be allowed to block while reloading spear since the reload time is so long.

    Other things I would like to point out…

    1. There are many random places in different maps where it you can get stuck on a small bump. It’s not a huge deal, you can just jump over them, but it’s a little annoying.
    2. On the sandy ruined city map (the extended version) there is a door that is closed, but you can walk through it and get out of the level.
    3. It would be nice if there was a filter when searching for a server that filtered out all servers that allow 3rd person. I think it’s an unfair advantage.

  • @BoboBebo:

    … He should be allowed to block while reloading spear since the reload time is so long.

    It has been confirmed that the current delay is bugged, and it will be shortened in a future patch.

  • Will also point out another javelin bug.
    We cannot aim to the sides with the mouse after tossing a certain amount of javelins, so u can move the crosshair up and down, but not to the sides. (this is unpredictable, but happends on every map & every server.)
    And that glitch ruins the fun of playing this game as a javelin soldier. Its hard enough to survive with a javelin in melee fight so that glich makes it even worse when we cannot aim right while tossing spears.
    (if u want a video of it, i would love to upload it at youtube right now)

    But u guys did a good job making this game, have had a lot of fun with it ;)

  • also, the second javelin doesnt seem to shoot faster or go any further, the only change i see is less damage and 1 more javelin ammo

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