Dedicated server spec

  • Hi,
    I am thinking about hosting a dedicated server, but I am wondering how much cpu ram and bandwith I need to calculate for each player? Is disk a factor?
    I have been trying to find official specs but my search skills seems to be lacking =.

    I want to host a 64 player server since all the ones I have been playing on seems to lag like hell. Is there extra strains on the hardware when going so high on players? Are there any performance difference between Linux and Windows?

    Any tips or sugesstions are wvery welcome.

    Thinking about a i7 or i5 with 8 gig ram and got an 100/10 Mbit internet connection that I can easy upgrade to 100/100 if needed. Also any tips on a silent powersupply that dosen’t cost a fortune would be nice.


  • Have you tried the BlueFang servers? Those have great pings for me, and I’m on the other side of the country. Yes they require better hardware as there is a great amount of load placed on the servers.

  • We have seen 600 KB/s in a 64 slot server. The FPS does take quite a hit for people with lower end PC’s. That is why we also provide a 48 slot TO server now so those people should get closer to 20 FPS (which is still playable). We run professional grade E3-1230’s with at least 16GB ram and on 1GB ports. The game is just poorly optimized for 40+ slots for a lot of the gamemodes and maps. LTS maps seem to perform better than any other.

  • How does the server FPS work?

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