Warfare with friends

  • Firstly thanks for this fantastic change in first person style games.

    I was convinced to buy C:MW by a good friend, thinking we could get on the battlefield as a team and do some damage. Most of the game was spent asking “where are you?” , “where are you?” , “where are you?” and most of the time our answers were “dead, where the hell where you?” :P

    Now, I’m not sure if in the 16th and 17th century of they had squads, battalions, or regiments but may I suggest some way for me to be able to identify particular people I choose in my friends list on the battlefield. I understand we are going for the ‘as real as can be’ so I am not suggesting floating names over our heads. Agatha knows my head has rolled around the ground way too many times.

    Maybe something like a dim aura around said friend, or be able to form some type of squad which will allow tabbards and banners of our choice. I’m not asking for game breaking magical ax of slaughter or the dragon of ice cold iron to appear. This is just an idea to add to your ever increasing list of ideas.

    I was apprehensive about this game to be honest, but once I got in it and realized how much fun it is this maybe my new ‘Battlefield’ ::wink:: if you know what I mean. Thanks so much for this great beginning!

  • They’re working on a way to identify your steam friends easier. :)

  • Something like a green triangle above, like for objectives, might be good.

  • Brilliant idea, especially the Squad idea, i would (like many others i guess) welcome that very much!

  • I agree whole heartly. I have the same trouble when playing with my buddies. Even if you try to stick together, it is difficult. Some visual aid would be great. Though, I usually strongly dislike it when my screen gets pampered with fancy glowing symbols verywhere. Just see Ghost Recon Future Soldier for a good, yet extreme, example. It simply ruins immersion and is more of a distraction.

    And most important: It must be possible to toggle it, just like the objectives pointer.

    Random note: This game is friggin awesome! 8-)

  • Another easy thing that could help with this is increase the distance at which you can view name tags, at least of friendly players. That way you can tell who a player on your team is at distance. As is with all the players looking alike, it’s next to impossible to differentiate between people. It’s particularly inconvenient at the beginning of each match to try to go find your buddy.

  • I’ve another idea to recognize your teammates if squads are added, while keeping the realistic way : an armband or a symbol on the shirt !

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