More Persistence (RPG here we go)

  • No man of great words (love this game, this is no rant just suggestions), here goes:

    What i (and hopefully alot of the community and you Devs aswell) would like is even more persistence than Chivalry already has,

    for example:

    • Even more weapons (much much more) [Probally in the works anyway]
    • A Leaderboard for stats such as how many Decapitations, Limbs cut off etc. with MvP of the month
      (just that kind of stuff not Win Loss record etc.)
    • A Personal ingame chart with information like the Leaderboard mentioned above but viewable by anyone who likes to
    • Add Titles that can be earned based on actions (just an example: “Name” the Butcher)
    • A real Guild feature, where one can create a Guild Emblem that might even show up ingame on the Armor, but most importantly invite members etc. that would wear the emblem and or Guild Tag on their name.

    - Many if not all of the above mentioned features would probally require a persistent (registered) account, so please also add an account option, - so each would have a unique name.

    I am very well aware Chivalry Medieval Warfare was not planned as an Online RPG, however it would be the absolute perfect game for that, in my opinion, it’s kind of the next best thing to LARPs lol, i just wish it had all or atleast some of the features i have mentioned above.

    So i would be happy if you would even consider my mentioned features, and also i am happy over any reply, and maybe even likewise thinking person that may or may not reply to this topic.

  • Leaderboard would not suit the setting of the game. Chivalry does not leave you much room for roleplaying, you play the role of a warrior…
    But turning something into an mmorpg is always a good idea

  • Totally thought about how this game needs an absurd amount of weapons. There’s a good variety right now, but with only so many “types” you don’t really get surprised very much.

  • Thankfully the developers are going to implement more weapons in the future :P

  • @Kwal:

    Thankfully the developers are going to implement more weapons in the future :P

    That’s good news man :D

    Anyway atleast the Guild option i mentioned, if that would be possible, man that would be awesome, atleast in my opinion.

  • Showing your guilds emblem on your armor would indeed be awesome!!:p
    I was thinking about different types of guilds,
    ex.woodcutter’s guild (improved twohanded axe damage),marksman guild (improved archery damage),
    engineers guild (improved siege weaponry damage),alchemists guild (improved fire pot damage),…

  • Maybe each guild should have a keep - building which will be something like a hub for members of the guild . There they will be able to battle with the other guild members for practice or talk with them, and go together as a guild to battles. I have writed something about guilds that are alike in one of my posts . Here is a link to it just in case you want to read it :

    At least each guild shall have one ingame page that is about it. This page shall have its emblem , its name, a calendar for the activities (like battles that are gonna made),Each guild could have a level which will be increases by the output of it in the guild-only battles(battles made between guilds and no one random may join). Maybe Members will gather money from their kills and some money if they win a battle and the leader-creator of the guild will be able to get things for the guild that will make them better in GUILD - ONLY battles. For example they may get with the money "unlock a weapon to every member of the guild " (for the guild fights)or Increase damage with a certain weapon or reduce stamina cost when using certain weapon ….

  • I would love to have customisation that would essentially allow my guild to run around with a unique or standard setup, but that’s a lot of manpower and time needed for something that’s essentially visual only.

  • Blasphemously unrealistic IMO, even if you use a term like “warriors guild”.

  • Idea of guilds good, but putting a stronghold/keep just to make it more roleplay is kinda useless since you’ll comunicate with variety of other comunicators like skype. It would also need someone to host said keep wouldn’t it?

  • I’ve never liked the idea of any compulsory public stat-tracking and leaderboards as that always seems to bring out the worst in people and the hackers especially in FPS games.

    Although it does sound like you might be suggesting the stats are more like a showcase of unlocked achievements which would be fine. But all the competitive stats/leaderboards/players are better off being kept separate from those who just want to play for fun.

    I certainly do like the guild idea especially with the emblem idea. If you could join a server with guild members or do guild vs guild games as well that would be pretty sweet.

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