Shield on back

  • I don’t know if anybody has went over this already or if it is like this for balance reasons, but whenever I am charging at a player from behind and they have their shield on their back (not using it) I reach them and easily plunge my weapon into their back, right through the shield. This would obviously not happen If they had it in their hand, blocking with it.

    TL/DR: Shields are useless when on your back.

  • Shields stop arrows, not melee weapons. This by design. Being able to parry from the front and have a tower shield protect your rear would be OP.

  • Not only that people would come up with a way to turn real fast and use there back to block attacks Lol.

  • If shields passively blocked melee attacks, this would become the best fighting style in the game. Is that what you want? ;)

  • Go check the thread that’s called something like ‘‘Limbo’’

    There is a Knight who kill people while there are behind him….If you want this guys not to be able to die…that’s your choice^^

    But i can’t support this choice, i like the way it is now.

  • Lol, tracers need to not be drawn 180 degrees horizontally or vertically from your point of view in real time ideally so we don’t get this.

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