Server Option "Improved Realism"

  • I would like to see the option “improved realism” for servers.


    How should it work?**

    Basically like the Hardcore mode in Battlefield 3. Its just for certain servers and you can filter that servers out.

    What should be different?

    _Actually the Game should focus more on realism, while still stay playable. So not 100% realism, but more. Actually improved realism should´t be balanced for 1vs1 fights, but for Teamplay. So for example Knight´s should lose stamina while running, men at arms shouldn´t run faster than a archer (With shield equipped). Hits in total should be more deadly, affording the player to Block every hit, if he doesnt want to get killed (knights should still survive 1 or 2 hits, except head hits of course).
    On the other site to Archer´s increased damage, they should need to aim more manually, meaning in ego perspective you only see the bow and your arrow, you are only aiming with the tip of your arrow and have no other help.(Pretty much real life aiming).
    That are just SOME things wish should get changed for a “hardcore” or “improved realism” mode.

    I dont know, if that are to many changes for a non commercial addition, i would pay around 2.99 for an “hardcore” or improved realism package. (Needed to join servers with “improved realism” activated.)

    Well… this setting wouldnt hurt anyone would it?

  • I too would like to see a realism option. Especially forcing crosshairs to be tunred off - especially for archers. This would make archers less-pain-in-the-bottom like and add a little bit of immersion.

    Would be interesting to hear an official statement to this realism debate… I mean if this is thinkable or not… ;)

  • Funny you call it realism, considering nothing you suggest is at all realistic.
    1: Medieval armour was effective. VERY effective. To the point where most archer weapons would be outright useless against vanguards and knights, with exception of the heavy crossbow and the longbow (at close range only). Armoured players would be significantly tougher. Most light melee weapons would just glance off, and sharp weapons would only damage through blunt damage and thrusting at weakpoints.
    2: Most weapons and armours would have to be redesigned. This game is an anachronism stew.
    3: There would be no slowdown regarding armour. A full suit of armour weighs significantly less than a modern soldier’s kit and the weight is distributed far more evenly. Real armour also practically doesn’t restrict freedom of movement.
    Stamina would only be affected on the long run. Knights specifically trained to be as agile and enduring as humanly possible in full armour.
    4: The entire combat system would need to be redesigned. The current one is not realistic and isn’t meant to be. For starters, it’s far too slow paced.

    In other words, this game isn’t meant to be realistic. Replicating real medieval combat would be nigh-impossible anyway.

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