MaA Risk vs Reward

  • So, I’m very new to the game. Played a bit with all the classes, MaA the most. What I’m about to type here are questions, not fully formed opinions - I’m just looking for feedback and tips. These are my first impressions, I’m not QQing about OPness, crying that anything is UP, etc…

    That being said, I’m having trouble working out the risk vs reward for MaA. It seems like all weapons have the same stamina cost to swing/block, so the only modifiers are reach, power and speed. The MaA weapons tend to be quicker, with shorter reach and lower damage than Knight or Vanguard. This leads to a situation where I have to land 3-6 strikes (depending on weapon and hit location), whereas they can kill me in 1 to 2. Dodge is certainly a mitigating factor, but seeing as how I have to be extremely close for my weapons to function, dodging fails against side cuts with nearly any decent reach weapon (IE, anything Vanguard is rolling with, and most knight loadouts). Knights and VA’s have to screw up 3-6 times for me to kill them, 1 or 2 mistakes can cost me my life. This makes kicking a big gambit, because if I miss I might just get 1 shotted.

    I guess my question is, why does the class with the lowest armor and shortest reach weapons also have such middling damage? I’m taking the bigger risk, shouldn’t my rewards be bigger?

    What can I do to better deal with vanguards/Knights?

  • Have you not used the Dan Axe?

  • Norse sword can 2 hit stab MaA Vanguard’s and Archers. It 3 hit stabs Knights. Combine that with a shield and dodge and you are an archers worst nightmare.

  • MaA has two major playstyles - exploiting enemy mistakes with the Norse Sword or Dane Axe due to the former’s speed and the latter’s reach, making single attacks and getting back to avoid a counter; and going completely berserk on someone with a mace, hatchet or falchion, circling around them to bypass their block and just slashing (never comboing; never combo, ever). Typically you’ll need to feint to get the first hit in, and after that you just circle them and watch what they do. If they start attacking, your quicker windup will usually let you flinch them out of the attack; if they parry, you just wait until it’s about to end and hit them.

    If you’re going to play MaA I would recommend playing a lot with the Vanguard and Knight weapons yourself. The better you know every weapon’s timings the easier it is to exploit them as a MaA.

  • IMO the 2 biggest problems that MnB had (hands down the best melee combat game) was feint spamming and shield turtleing, both being fixed by the stamina system. But stamina already achieves what it does, for this reason I think everything else other than swinging feinting and blocking should take up stamina. The MaA suffers quite a lot from having his dodge consume so much stamina, he can pretty much only take prolonged duels with all classes other than archers because he either has to use his stamina to fight or to dodge (flee), if he wants to be at an advantage using his dodge. The issue is since you want to dodge in combat you are giving away so much time waiting for your stamina to recharge that it’s impossible to fight an enemy 1v1 as your duel would take a long time, not to mention it’s annoying and gives your enemy a chance to heal or run. You’re at your best when you’re either cleaning up enemies or running around looking for archers, which other classes can do as well. And in a team fight scenario, you might as well pick another class. Unless they change this I don’t feel like MaA is really the class to play unless you’re into dueling or just want to have fun. On that note I prefer the morning star for its balance of damage and reach, or the war axe for its sheer damage output in short time. I like having the thrust dagger as my secondary, it comes in really useful to catch enemies off-guard by getting right in their face with hard to block strikes.

  • Thanks for all the helpful tips! I unlocked the Dane axe as my first weapon (after war axe of course), and I do admit it feels the “best” for the way i play. I was hoping there were other weapons that would let me try other playstyle’s (i’m not a fan of the norse sword just yet, too easy to miss stabs until I become a better player).

    I’ll keep at it and see how it goes.

  • I’ve put about 20 hours into MAA (99% of my playtime). I’m fairly sure it is the most difficult class to play, but at the same the combat style is so satisfying that it might just be worth the pain of mastering it.

    I’m sure more experienced players have mentioned all the normal tips, so I’ll try to add some that I don’t see as often.

    -Run away, a lot! MAAs can choose their battles at will. There are many ways to tie up two or more enemies in a wild goose chase in whatever direction you see fit. A big part of playing an MAA is wasting the enemy’s time as well as their lives.

    -Whenever you can, isolate a single enemy as your target. Let him pursue you into an empty corner of a map where his teammates can’t see either of you, then cut him apart with your superior mobility. The MAA is at his best in single, uninterrupted combat in open ground of his choosing.

    -Consider mastering throwing knives as an alternative to shields. With your speed and dodge ability, you can quickly restock your knives at ammo boxes continuously and with much less risk than the other classes.

    -Know when to block and when to dodge. Blocking big polearms and hammers will drop too much of your stamina, so make sure to dodge these. Blocking the rest of the weapons is fine I think.

  • It’s freakin impossible to kill MaA as a knight with 2-hand sword. Any decent MaA just dashes out of range and come right back in with slash and combos.

  • @POOP:

    It’s freakin impossible to kill MaA as a knight with 2-hand sword. Any decent MaA just dashes out of range and come right back in with slash and combos.

    Norse Sword FTW!

  • @Chuckdatass:


    It’s freakin impossible to kill MaA as a knight with 2-hand sword. Any decent MaA just dashes out of range and come right back in with slash and combos.

    Norse Sword FTW!

    Yea I usually take my 2nd out when I see a MaA charging at me. I want to beat MaA with my sexy giant thick shiny sword though.

  • just bait him for the easy one hit kill. Either do a half-turn or feint. Against any normal player this works almost all the time. I never pull out my secondary as a knight, unless I’m using a maul and fighting a smart player.

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