Looking for NA clan

  • Hello fellow head chopping maniacs! I am currently looking for an NA clan that is laid back but active.
    I am sick and tired of losing games because impatient 10 year olds can’t, or won’t use teamwork!
    I have 2+ years of experience in games like Crpg(a hardcore mod for mount and blade). I play Vanguard usually, but i can play knight and man at arms effectively (Im still learning archery ;)

    I have ventrilo, teamspeak and a mic

    If you think i would be a good fit for your clan, reply to this post

    Thanks, Ophios

  • Hi, I’d like to invite you to consider the Playground Players as an option. We’re a EU and NA based clan that’s looking for competitive and casual players from both area’s. you can check our forums here: http://playgroundplayers.eu. Our North American section is starting to pick up speed now and we should have a NA server set up withing the next few weeks. You should be looking to contact either myself, or DeathsDesign, my Northern American General for further info.

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