Arrow cam not working

  • Hi the projectile cam or arrow cam does not work at all, I´we tried everything
    and nothing works, tried to change it to all the buttons of my mouse and even
    keyboard buttons, but the best I´we got is about half a second of arrow cam,
    tried holding the button down and just clicking it, nothing works.

    How do I fix this?
    it seems I´m the only one who has this problem, cause I can´t seem to find it anywhere

    is it a bug I´ll have to wait for an update to fix?
    or is it something I can fix in properties or game files?
    if so how?

  • I dont have an issue with the projectile cam on arrows from archers. But, it will not work for me when i use a balista or a catapult.

  • i´t won´t work at all for me :(

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