All clients progressively crashing out.

  • Was just in a LTS match on the arena map, had been playing for ~75 minutes.
    All of a sudden players started dropping out 1 at a time, a few seconds between each drop out.

    From the initial 15 or so players, after about 30 seconds they’d all dropped out bar myself and one other.

    I was next to drop out; game switched to the loading screen, but never returned to the main menu - it just locked up.
    Had to terminate the task.

    Here’s the Launch.log
    I can provide the dump too if it’s of use.

  • [4268.06] Log: === Critical error: ===
    World aoclts-arena2_game4.TheWorld not cleaned up by garbage collection!

    That damned Garbage collection! Hit by the recession again.

  • Just encountered this again, on Official server #29 (TO).

    Server randomly started dropping players.
    Didn’t crash this time though, just returned to main menu.
    Was able to immediately reconnect to the server and continue playing.

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