Anyone on wine here?

  • Hi folks
    Husky streaming brought me here. I really think your game is goooooooooooooood.
    But can anyone confirm that Medieval Warfare does run under wine (or play on linux)?
    I saw some Discussion here about linux, but surprisingly i didn’t find any
    entry on winehq or a proud geek on youtube.

  • I hit a wall trying to get the various prerequisites installed via wine, someone more savvy could probably successfully get those installed, before that i cannot say if it will run under wine. But in theory it could since the unreal engine 3 does run ok on other games using wine. But for now i think the dev team are bizzy fixing glitches and such. Tho they would make alot of sales right away if they had some sort of playonlinux/mac installation script crafted, until or if unreal engine 3 gets native linux support. Im only rebooting because of this game, bleh.

    As for servers, i think they are hurting bad by not providing linux native support, or bsd or well any of the known performance server os’es.

    i made a post somewhere here on my findings, awell on the playonlinux forums.

  • Yes I have wine, but I prefer mead.

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